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What’s stopping you from transforming your software development process?

GitLab is a highly scalable DevOps lifecycle tool that
can automate the entire development life cycle, from start to finish.

Automated security, code quality, and vulnerability management
provide real-time security without slowing down your development process.           



Key Benefits

  • Single Source of Truth
  • Continuous Everything
  • Real-time Security

Improve Cycle Times - Decrease Time to Market - Reduce Costs

Tune in for our next live webinar as we dive a little deeper into our “GitLab Series”. We’ll show you how to implement and enforce your corporate governance policies around traceability for compliance, while allowing your software teams to seamlessly work in GitLab. 

This demonstration will include how to enforce the linking of code commits in GitLab to work items in Engineering Workflow Manager.  And further, how those work items link to Requirements and Test data for compliance. 

The Webcast will be presented by Joe Meagher.  Joe is Joe Meagher is a tools and process consultant who works with multiple regulated industries, and helps them successfully meet their compliance requirements for the lowest cost possible.

Whether you already have an implementation in mind or are just getting started, our technology experts focus on your business goals and desired outcomes first. Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to design and implement the right solution for your team.

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