Accelerating Systems Lifecycle Development

321 Gang’s Accelerating Systems Lifecycle Development solution is a verified IBM Global Solution that enables organizations to address increasing complexity, shortened cycle times, continuous change, and collaboration demands while minimizing adoption time and risks. 

Our lifecycle solutions increase productivity and reduce costs by automating systems lifecycle activities for planning and scheduling, large-scale collaboration, and reporting for compliance and contractual obligations.

The consultants at 321 Gang have  decades of experience that have led to best practices in managing complex requirements, modeling complex systems, managing change and configurations across product lines, and organizing quality and testing practices.


Accelerating Systems Lifecycle Development helps organizations adopt lifecycle processes, methods, and tools and quickly deploy and leverage them throughout their organization. Utilizing IBM Rational tools, 321 Gang provides the experience and expertise required to transition your organization.

How 321 Gang can help

  • Organize and manage requirements and establish traceability using DOORS and DOORS Next Generation to facilitate verification of system correctness and completeness, and support regulatory and contractual compliance
  • Model complex system designs using UML, SysML, and DoDAF with Rhapsody.  Share techniques for modeling complex behavior and generating code for host and target platforms.
  • Adopt planning and scheduling processes that combine our experience applying Lean/Agile and Traditional methods to large, complex systems across domains and disciplines.  We help organizations leverage RTC’s work and planning capabilities to blend Traditional and Agile planning.
  • Implement a comprehensive Change/Configuration Management strategy across teams, domains, and disciplines using RTC, ClearCase/ClearQuest and Synergy/Change
  • Provide quality management best practices with Quality Manager (RQM) by implementing traceability between test artifacts, corresponding requirements, and engineering assets to support continuous testing practices and automating test procedure as well as collecting metrics for compliance
  • Automate project and program visibility using dashboards and custom reports for regulatory compliance and contractual needs. We share our experience using Jazz Reporting Service (JRS) and Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) to collect information from all lifecycle tools and format documents and reports

The Future is Now

We have helped our clients:

  • Increase productivity by 25-75%
  • Reduce development costs by 50-60%
  • Accelerate time to market by 20-40%