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SAFe for Government Programs

SAFe for Government Programs

Lean-Agile development is finally, and rapidly, crossing the chasm to that last bastion of large-scale solutions development—the US Federal Government.

In this tutorial, SAIs Steve Mayner and Harry Koehnemann introduce the latest trends in agile government contracting and program execution as described in TechFAR, GAO Agile Guidance and others.

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Meeting Regulatory and Industry Standards Compliance with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Meeting Regulatory and Industry Standards with SAFe

Many systems in aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, banking, and other industries have an unacceptable social or economic cost of failure. As a result, these systems are often subject to regulatory oversight and compliance standards. These organizations are adopting Lean-Agile methods, and are struggling to understand how their existing stage-gate compliance activities participate in a Lean-Agile flow of value.

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An Agile Transformation Story

Development of mission-critical military systems is like walking through a complex jungle filled with risk, compliance, oversight and responsibility.

This story will show you how a development organization transformed from – “We could never do it the Agile way” – to “We can never do it any other way!”

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Client Success Stories

Northrop Grumman
One of the key aspects of describing systems using SysML is identifying and defining interfaces, both internal and external. SysML provides a multitude of ways to describe interface information. At Northrop Grumman, we’ve identified and deployed an approach using IBM Rhapsody that allows us to reuse the same interface information on multiple types of diagrams, thus ensuring consistency across the design.



Intro to IBM Rational Rhapsody

This free online training course introduces viewers to developing both Systems and Software using Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Model Driven Development (MDD) techniques.

Topics include:

  • Benefits in moving from text-based to model-based descriptions
  • Modeling Requirements
  • Modeling Structure
  • Modeling Behavior
Intro to Rhapsody for Systems & Software Engineers

Managing Requirements

In this session, we’ll spend our time seeing how requirements can be managed while reviewing and using the requirements in the context of their downstream users.

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How IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation Supports Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

How Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG) Supports Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

This webinar will also explore how requirements are a key part of the MBSE information model and how RDNG allows organizations to develop requirements iteratively, share information across teams and reduce risk, and build specifications needed for compliance.

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We have helped our clients: 

  • Increase productivity by 25-75%
  • Reduce development costs by 50-60%
  • Accelerate time to market by 20-40%