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Organizations often struggle with reuse when simply documenting the manual test procedures in documents Improving reuse can enable the organization to improve productivity, but more importantly, it can help reduce the organization’s cycle time to deliver products.

This presentation will use capabilities in Rational Quality Manager (RQM) to demonstrate different ways it helps improve reuse.


Topics include:

  • How to find opportunities to reuse Manual Test Scripts
  • How to use variables in Test Script
  • How to reuse Test Steps across multiple Manual Test Scripts
  • How to make Test Scripts more concise and reusable
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Juggling Systems Engineering, Compliance & SAFe

Agile, software and … hardware? How can we expect complex, mission-critical, embedded and highly-regulated hardware-inclusive systems to fall in line?  Two-week sprints! Transient requirements! Continuous integration and delivery!  

Watch this video and learn how the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) can be applied to your complex  systems engineering environment.


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Ensuring ASPICE Compliance

Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) is a framework for designing and assessing software development processes. If implemented effectively, it leads to better processes and product quality. Tune in for this multi-part series where we’ll show you how you can ensure proper ASPICE compliance in your organization.

Topics include: 

  • What problem areas does ASPICE aim to solve?
  • For organizations that have adopted ASPICE – how do they ensure consistency and coverage?
  • What software tools can help organizations in their ASPICE adoption?
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Why us?

Who We Are and What We Do

321 Gang helps organizations improve their ability to design and develop highly regulated Systems and Software in order to achieve better outcomes. 


Our consultants average 20 years of Systems & Software expertise and will work with your organization to identify the highest-value improvement areas, educate your team(s) on their application and accelerate adoption… all while minimizing project disruption.

We are an IBM Platinum Business PartnerAuthorized IBM Rational Software Reseller,  IBM Certified Training Partner, and Scaled Agile Framework Gold Partner and Consultant Trainer – providing our clients a ‘one stop shopping’ experience.

Strategy. Execution. Results.

Offering consulting,

training & software solutions

for companies building

complex, highly-regulated systems. 

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Define Requirements using Global Configuration Management

Global Configuration Management (GCM) is an application that assembles configurations for itself and other contributing applications so teams can gain an overall view of the physical and logical parts of their product offering.

Topics include:

  • Gather contributions such as requirements, designs, tests, and global configurations.
  • Plan and manage the reuse of configurations in the many versions or variants of your physical or logical product line.
  • Work in parallel on multiple development streams.
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Systems Engineering for the Masses: Lessons Learned at P&G

After two years of development and multiple pilots, P&G  has taken a big step forward in providing the canonical systems modeling and analysis capabilities to deliver systems engineering capabilities to “the masses”. The resulting method and tools are usable by personnel at all levels of the enterprise, in all disciplines, throughout all phases of an initiative’s lifecycle.  This presentation will review the key strategies and decisions behind the break-through new capability and some aspects of the solution will be demonstrated.

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MBSE in the context of SAFe

It’s only in the last few years that the Scaled Agile Framework has accommodated Systems Engineering and more specifically, Model Based Systems Engineering methodologies.

This presentation speaks of a particular way to use Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) in the context of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

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