Speed up time to market and improve quality through effective test management

Avoid failure and release your products with confidence. Expertly align multiple stakeholders to a comprehensive test management plan shared across your enterprise and the globe. 

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A Day in the Life of an Idea | How an Idea Becomes Value

A Day in the Life of an Idea

How does a great idea get from concept to cash? The nirvana of building great systems is making each great idea the focus so that the people, process and tools making it a reality are all working in harmony. From specification to design to build, test and deployment we follow a typical idea through its lifecycle so that we can keep focus on the system-level view rather than sub-optimization of the parts.

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Building Complex Systems with the Scaled Agile Framework

Building Complex Systems with the Scaled Agile Framework

In this video we will discuss the challenges large systems builders face and key approaches for addressing them. We will look into the key challenges that make complex systems development so complex. While some may appear to be impediments to the adoption of Lean and Agile practices at the first glance, it is even more critical to apply Lean and Agile where cost of error may be incredibly high.

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Scaling Agility in Product Line Engineering (PLE) with SAFe

Scaling Agility in Product Line Engineering (PLE) with SAFe

Product Line Engineering (PLE) and Lean/Agile share common goals – faster delivery and lower cost with better quality. PLE organizes people in a factory that produces the products in a product line from engineering assets shared across the portfolio. Lean/Agile organizes people in cross-functional, self-managed teams and teams-of-teams, which, at scale, are called value streams. Both approaches strive to reduce the handoffs, delays, and rework that occur when organizations mis-utilize their engineers and developers.

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Client Success Stories

CMC Electronics
Fast, streamlined, compliant development of next-generation flight management systems.

To accelerate development of its next-generation flight management systems, CMC adopted a new object-oriented, model-based process. Automatic traceability from requirements through to delivery boosts productivity, reduces defects, accelerates development, and simplifies compliance.


Strategic Reuse Across Product Lines with Global Configuration Management

Strategic Reuse Across Product Lines with Global Configuration Management

Product line growth can create a natural degradation into chaos. The common engineering solution follows a copy-and-tailor for requirements, designs, code, and tests rather than a strategic, planned reuse. A global, strategic configuration management approach across lifecycle domains (e.g. requirements) can bring order to this chaos. Order replaces uncontrolled costs with direct profits. In this video we walk you through a detailed scenario based on a real product line problem and solution.

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Intro to IBM Rational Rhapsody

This free online training course introduces viewers to developing both Systems and Software using Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Model Driven Development (MDD) techniques.

Topics include:

  • Benefits in moving from text-based to model-based descriptions
  • Modeling Requirements
  • Modeling Structure
  • Modeling Behavior
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Engineering in a Modern World

In this session, we’ll witness a day in the life of a developer. We will see and review requirements, see and review the test cases that will validate the requirements, then spend most of our time planning and executing the changes required to the product to meet the new requirements and pass the tests.

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The Future is Now

We have helped our clients: 

  • Increase productivity by 25-75%
  • Reduce development costs by 50-60%
  • Accelerate time to market by 20-40%