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SAFe Delivers Better Outcomes

The Scaled Agile Framework  (SAFe) is a proven, publicly-facing framework for adopting Lean Agile development practices at enterprise scale. SAFe defines roles, activities and work products for Team, Program and Portfolio levels of the largest software enterprises. SAFe is based on Agile development, Principles of Lean, Systems thinking, and product development flow.

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It’s only in the last few years that the Scaled Agile Framework has accommodated Systems Engineering and more specifically, Model Based Systems Engineering methodologies.

This presentation speaks of a particular way to use Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) in the context of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

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How Scaling Agile Accelerates Systems Engineering Success

Applying agile practices and scaling agile in Systems Engineering organizations has a unique set of challenges; however, the business benefits are significant.

This presentation will summarize the challenges and benefits as well as case studies. We will also highlight the automation that only IBM can offer to support highly regulated and complex organizations in their journey to agile and scaled agile.

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An Agile Transformation Story

Development of mission-critical military systems is like walking through a complex jungle filled with risk, compliance, oversight and responsibility.

This story will show you how a development organization transformed from – “We could never do it the Agile way” – to “We can never do it any other way!

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Client Success Stories

Royal Philips

Philips is continuously driving to develop high-quality software in a predictable, fast and Agile way. SAFe addresses this primary goal, as well as offering these further benefits: reduced time to market and improved quality, stronger alignment across geographically distributed multi-disciplinary teams, and collaboration across teams to deliver meaningful value to customers with reduced cycle time.

Sundaresan Jagadeesan,
Program Manager – I2M Excellence SW Development Program


Scaling Continuous Delivery in the Scaled Agile Framework

Now that your organization has streamlined your Agile Release Train, how do you keep it on track all the way through to customer value? We’ll show you how delivery automation and coordination with DevOps is a key element of scaled agile success.

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Pitfalls and Practices addressed with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

This presentation will describe practices to address these growing pains with the Scaled Agile Framework and with more traditional agile methodologies.

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Meeting Regulatory & Industry Standards with SAFe

Many systems in aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, banking, and other industries have an unacceptable social or economic cost of failure.  In this webinar, you’ll learn how Lean-Agile principles and SAFe practices produce better systems as well as better compliance outcomes.

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