IBM Apptio Solutions

Accelerate Your Enterprise Agility with IBM Apptio and 321 Gang!

Are you looking to elevate your organizational agility and align closely with your business strategy? 321 Gang has the expertise to guide you through this transformation, especially within the systems engineering markets such as Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Medical Devices, Electronics and more. 

IBM Apptio Solutions – A Comprehensive Suite
While our focus is on Apptio Targetprocess, there are additional solutions from Apptio that complement and integrate seamlessly with Targetprocess, enhancing your ability to manage technology investments across various areas: 

       ApptioOne: Provides IT financial management with tools for planning, budgeting, and analysis to optimize your technology spend. 

       Cloudability: Enables cloud cost management with a suite designed for optimization and effective financial planning of your cloud investments. 

Enterprise Agile Planning with Apptio Targetprocess: This is where 321 Gang shines, providing you with a platform to manage work, resources, and portfolios dynamically, ensuring your enterprise agile practices align with business strategies. Our expertise is particularly valuable in industries with complex systems engineering requirements. 

Accelerating Business Agility with Apptio Targetprocess
321 Gang specializes in bringing the benefits of Apptio Targetprocess to your organization. Here’s how we can help: 

Dynamic Work Management: Manage your work with the flexibility and responsiveness that complex engineering projects require. 

Resource Optimization: Leverage our expertise to optimize your resources efficiently, a critical aspect in systems engineering. 

Portfolio Alignment: With Targetprocess, align your engineering projects directly to business outcomes, ensuring that every investment contributes to your strategic goals. 

SAFe Adoption: Benefit from our experience in implementing SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) within complex systems engineering environments, made easier with the latest features of Targetprocess. 

Explore IBM Apptio Targetprocess with the added expertise of 321 Gang. Start your free trial, or chat with us now to learn how we can transform your business agility and alignment with your strategic objectives, especially in the systems engineering sectors.  For more information, contact us at

Whether you already have an implementation in mind or are just getting started, our technology experts focus on your business goals and desired outcomes first. Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to design and implement the right solution for your team.