GitLab | Automated Software Delivery

Unleash your team’s productivity with automated software delivery Scale your SDLC for cloud native adoption. Release every change with confidence. Improve developer experience

Automated software delivery with GitLab is the solution you need to speed your digital transformation and modernization. What are you waiting for?

Automated Software Delivery helps organizations eliminate and automate manual, repetitive tasks from your software development life cycle (SDLC) to improve the overall velocity of the software factory and increase collaboration across dev and ops, including both application and infrastructure automation.

If your organization needs to enable scale and flexibility due to adoption of cloud native (Kubernetes), multi-cloud (deploy to GCP, AWS, Azure) or hybrid-cloud (deploy to multi-cloud + private clouds/data center), then you need to automate your software delivery. In addition, if you need to adopt full DevSecOps, GitLab Premium is your stepping stone. Or, to get Security, Compliance, and portfolio management consider trying GitLab Ultimate.

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With GitLab Premium get access to Automated Software Delivery

Faster code reviews

Ensure high code quality across teams through seamless code review workflows.

Advanced CI/CD

Build, maintain, deploy, and monitor complex pipelines.

Release Controls

Implement controls to ensure teams ship high quality and secure code.

Self-Managed Reliability

Ensure disaster recovery, high availability and load balancing of your self-managed deployment.

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