Executive’s Guide to
Automated Software Delivery

Essential automation – from idea to value

Speed up your cloud native, multi-cloud Kubernetes adoption Achieve better scale, consistency and controls essential for cloud-native.
Make every change shippable More testing, errors detected earlier, less risk.
Unleash team productivity from manual work streams Minimize repetitive tasks, focus on value-generating work.

To unlock new business opportunities, organizations need to achieve
agility. But for most organizations, this shift has been achingly slow. Large,
monolithic, brittle, and inflexible applications that don’t talk to each other,
siloed teams that don’t collaborate with each other, and multiple complex
tools that require specialized professionals are just some of the challenges
faced by executives to achieve success in their transformation initiatives.

Automated Software Delivery with GitLab
Achieving success with cloud native transformations and application
modernization requires moving away from the manual to achieving essential
automation that can help your teams focus on generating value. To deliver
higher quality applications, your developers need a solution that doesn’t
require constant maintenance; they need a solution they can trust. They
need a solution that can continuously:
     -Manage changes
     -Integrate and verify changes
     -Release changes
     -Manage on-demand environments

Automated software delivery with GitLab will help you adopt cloud native, Kubernetes and multi-cloud with ease, achieve faster velocity with lower failures and improve developer productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks.

“We’re detecting bugs very, very fast and they’re also fixed very fast. They can be fixed in maybe 10 minutes to one hour. So bugs are fixed very quickly and also automatically fixed in the production environment. This is a great value.””

— DevOps Engineer at a Swiss IT partner for leading financial and insurance service providers

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