We have helped our clients:
  • Increase productivity by 25-75%
  • Reduce development costs by 50-60%
  • Accelerate time to market by 20-40%

SAFe provided the agility, visibility, and transparency needed to ensure we could integrate with numerous other efforts, get predictable in our delivery, and ensure timelines are met.

David McMunn
Director of COE, Fannie Mae

Jira Align Workshop Package: Expand to PortfolioLaunch you first portfolio and its additional programs

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After a successful Jumpstart, you are ready to unleash the portfolio leadership team. Consult with one of 321 Gang’s experienced Solution Architects to learn how to implement lean portfolio management using Jira Align to improve business agility. Introduce lean budgeting, intake with a portfolio kanban, and capacity planning to launch your first portfolio leadership team. The organization will use this portfolio as a showcase, and as a cornerstone for the expansion into other portfolios across the organization.

Course Details

Jira Align Workshop Package: Expand to Portfolio

Your portfolio leadership team will see, in real-time, how the teams are working to support the strategic objectives of the enterprise, and how they are progressing against those objectives in terms of:

  • Outcomes achieved
  • Work completed
  • Investment dollars spent

They will use this information to shape tradeoff decisions and influence priorities in the next planning cycle.

Launch the first Portfolio

  • Portfolio Discovery
  • Portfolio Setup and Config
  • Portfolio Launch

Jira Align Admin Advanced Training 

  • Advanced Jira Align Administration
  • Jira Connector Configuration Design, Maintenance and Governance

What to expect from the Expand to Portfolio package:

  • Drive Strategic Alignment
    Clear line of sight to the progress being made against strategies and investments, so that
    changing business conditions and problems can be addressed in real-time.
  • Make All the Work Visible
    Transparent execution eliminates waste, surfaces impediments for resolution and increases the
    velocity of business.
  • Stay in Sync
    Improve the cadence of business, by connecting every level from strategy to delivery.
  • Expose Unplanned Work
    Instantly identify work that strays from the missions, via relationships up to strategy.
  • Learn Faster with Real-Time Visibility
    New ability to conduct inexpensive market experiments that validate the real business value of investments, instead of “spraying and praying.”
  • Drive Better Outcomes
    Increased responsiveness to customer demand by integrating their direct feedback in the investment
    prioritization process.
  • Implement Governance and Guardrails
    Automated governance and guardrails throughout the delivery cycle ensures alignment to business OKRs.

Remote or on-site delivery

Successful completion of the “Jira Align Production Jumpstart

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