We have helped our clients:
  • Increase productivity by 25-75%
  • Reduce development costs by 50-60%
  • Accelerate time to market by 20-40%

SAFe provided the agility, visibility, and transparency needed to ensure we could integrate with numerous other efforts, get predictable in our delivery, and ensure timelines are met.

David McMunn
Director of COE, Fannie Mae

Jira Align Workshop Package: Expand ProgramsBuild on your Jira Align momentum

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After the Jumpstart launches the first two programs, continue to expand across the organization by launching more programs. When you want the guidance of the Solution Architect in the continued deployment, use this package to bring the same Jumpstart activities to the next set of (up to four) programs.

Course Details

Jira Align Workshop Package: Expand Programs

An additional four programs (teams-of-teams) have prioritized a backlog of work that is:

  • Aligned to the strategic objectives of the enterprise and the product managers
  • Supporting team-level planning, with dependencies made visible
  • Synchronized to (and supplementing) team-level information in Jira Software

Expand Programs Activities

  • Jira Software Configuration Discovery
  • Jira Connector Configuration Design, Maintenance, and Governance
  • Program Discovery & Launch for 2-4 programs, depending on complexity

What to expect from the Expand Programs package:

  • Improve the Ability to Prioritize Work
    Automated push/pull ranking to and from strategies, investments and teams ensures alignment on the most important work.
  • Manage/Illuminate Dependencies
    Eliminate delivery failures caused by inter-linked dependencies by visualizing, managing and proactively addressing impediments in real-time.
  • Understand Why
    Increased capacity to communicate the strategy behind business changes, so that teams can respond to Intent instead of requiring direction.
  • Create Empowered Team Members
    Product Teams that comprehend leadership intent for improved decision making, execution and value from the trenches.
  • Leverage Existing Tools
    Extend your existing teams development infrastructure for new Investment and Product visibility with minimal disruption of team flow.

Remote or on-site delivery

Successful completion of the “Jira Align Production Jumpstart

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