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Software Assessments

321 Gang offers several software capability assessment services. Each assessment is customized to meet the goals and scope desired.  Each of our software capability assessments follow the same general flow of activities, regardless of scope.

The assessment team begins the process by seeking to understand your business model and business objectives.

The assessors will then:

  • Interview various members of your development staff
  • Review the development environment, practices, and project artifacts
  • Analyze the findings
  • Formulate recommendations for improvement
  • Express the expected impact on business results
  • Present the documented findings and recommendations to key stakeholders

Choose from any of the following types of software capability assessments:

One-Day Assessment Service:
Conducted and delivered in one day, this brief assessment service is designed to evaluate a single team’s development practices to quickly identify areas for improvement.

Single Project Assessment Service:
Assesses the practices of a single project team at a single location. This assessment is typically conducted and delivered over the course of a week, with two 321 Gang consultants.

Distributed Project Assessment:
Assesses geographically dispersed teams where the teams (often different companies) may be using different tool sets and processes, yet developing components of the same system. Depending on the scope, this type of assessment can take several assessors and several weeks to complete.

Organizational Assessment:
Assesses multi-project organizations. A line-of-business is one example, where lines-of-business are defined as organizational entities composed of multiple projects that share common business goals. Depending on the scope, this type of assessment can take several assessors and several weeks to complete.

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  • Reduce development costs by 50-60%
  • Accelerate time to market by 20-40%
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