Simplifying AUTOSAR Advances in Modeling and Generation of Classic and Adaptive Applications


Automotive OEMs and their suppliers are increasingly deploying AUTOSAR as their main open and standardized software architecture for automotive ECUs. In this meeting, we will demonstrate how IBM’s AUTOSAR extension for Rhapsody, announced in Dec 2021, offers a solution that integrates SysML, UML and AUTOSAR workflow. We will discuss this from two perspectives:

-Support for a typical OEM workflow: Capability to convert the relevant parts of SysML and UML models into AUTOSAR by leveraging a customizable, rules-based extraction of the architecture
-Support for a typical Supplier workflow: Generates software components for Classic platform and applications for Adaptive platform by leveraging UML diagrams

As you will see, these workflows enable the automotive engineers to focus on the application domain, with early analysis, design and development, simulation, early testing, and so on, while automating the mundane aspects of AUTOSAR. We will also show you how it integrates with the rest of the lifecycle, including requirements, work-items management, testing, bidirectional traceability and even other AUTOSAR across all the development artifacts. Additionally, it integrates with other AUTOSAR authoring tools.

Presented by Walter van der Heiden / SodiusWillert & Moshe Cohen/IBM

We have helped our clients:
  • Increase productivity by 25-75%
  • Reduce development costs by 50-60%
  • Accelerate time to market by 20-40%

SAFe provided the agility, visibility, and transparency needed to ensure we could integrate with numerous other efforts, get predictable in our delivery, and ensure timelines are met.

David McMunn
Director of COE, Fannie Mae

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