3 Ways to Ensure Compliance Across the Engineering Lifecycle

For companies in industries with increasingly stringent compliance regulations, such as Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Medical, or Public Infrastructure — getting the products built isn’t enough. Safety considerations are a key dimension of product quality, so it’s important that engineering teams have the tools and resources they need to ensure ongoing compliance.

Align Processes

IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution leverages a single source of engineering data, providing a strong foundation for validating compliance and giving insight into development status. By utilizing the ELM solution, companies in regulated industries can take advantage of project and artifact templates. These templates help jump-start their adoption of the ELM solution and demonstrate adherence to compliance requirements.

Providing a defined process, that is enacted through the IBM ELM solution, assists engineering teams with ensuring that the process is followed. Having a process, following the process, and being able to prove it are key elements of regulatory compliance.

Embrace Standards With Automation

With the evolution of next-generation technologies, engineering teams are faced with designing and developing connected products, with more capabilities, in less time. To add to the complexity, engineering teams must also adhere to strict compliance and safety requirements. IBM’s ELM reporting and document publishing capabilities enable engineering teams to monitor and track the entire development process in real time.

The out-of-the-box reports and dashboards can be customized to accelerate compliance with key standards (ASPICE, ISO, etc.) and drive common industry working patterns. IBM ELM templates and processes make it easier to fast track your company’s compliance process adoption.

Accelerate Audit Readiness

For teams to continuously meet strict regulatory compliance and safety standards, the IBM ELM solution delivers a single source of truth and custom reporting to convey project status. This includes insight into test coverage of requirements and the related test case execution and results. Companies can proactively ensure audit readiness with IBM ELM’s centralized repository of engineering artifacts, the traceability between them and real-time reporting across the entire engineering lifecycle.

To keep pace with increasing industry changes, evolving regulations, and the growing complexity of today’s software and products — businesses are adopting the IBM ELM solution to provide teams with a holistic view across engineering data, from requirements through testing and deployment. This gives engineering teams the data and insight they need to write higher quality requirements while avoiding downstream errors and rework. The ELM solution assists engineering teams with ensuring and demonstrating that their processes are followed in order to meet compliance needs.

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