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IBM Rational Synergy Process Tailoring

The IBM Rational Synergy Process Tailoring course will show you how Rational Synergy can help you automate the process of your workflows among developers from testing to release. This training class will also show how you can effectively use different types of projects for different purposes. For example, developers use projects for implementing and unit-testing their changes. Build managers use projects for gathering the newest completed changes and building a test area. The rules for how those projects behave when they are updated (that is, which baseline they start from and which tasks they use) is defined by the Rational Synergy process. This class shows how you can support many different processes, and lets you tailor the tool to match your working process.

Course Details

Classroom (Hands-on labs)

You should have or have completed:

  • Rational Synergy Developer
  • Rational Synergy Build Manager
  • Agile development and code sharing
  • Management of parallel development streams
  • Complex project hierarchy with multiple releases
  • Component-based development
  • Change request (CR)-based Change Management (CM)
  • Distributed development
  • Introduction to Process Tailoring
  • Purposes
  • Project Groupings and Tasks
  • Folders and Folder Templates
  • Patterns for Agile Development and Code Sharing
  • Patterns for Testing and Approval
  • Patterns for Parallel Development
  • Patterns for Component-based Development
  • Patterns for Driving Development with CRs
  • Pattern for Distributed Change Management (DCM)

This advanced course is for:

  • Build managers that want to tailor Rational Synergy processes to their complex project needs
  • Rational Synergy implementers that want to know how to deploy Rational Synergy in organizations to help them achieve their business goals

Printed student manuals and workbooks

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