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Basic Method Authoring with IBM Rational Method Composer

This course teaches you to author basic methods using IBM Rational Method Composer V7.5.1. You will learn about the tool interface and how to use tool views and perspectives. You will also learn how to use tool features to create a published method by creating method content, processes, navigation views and defining the relationships between them. You will learn how to browse, check, and finally publish the method they have authored.

Course Details

Classroom (Hands-on labs)

You should have:

  • some understanding of what a method or process is, and what it is used for
  • Access and use tool interface and tool features
  • Structure content in the tool. Build plug-ins, libraries, and configurations
  • Create method content and define relationships
  • Create processes and populate them from method content
  • Use variability to define changes to method content
  • Create navigation views for published methods
  • Browse, check, refine and publish methods
  • Access online additional resources
  • Introduction + Exercises
  • Defining Method Content + Exercises
  • Using Method Content Variability + Exercises
  • Categorizing Method Content + Exercises
  • Defining Processes + Exercises
  • Detailing Method Elements + Exercises
  • Creating Navigation Views + Exercises
  • Publishing Method Web Sites + Exercises
  • Review
  • Advanced Topics

This intermediate course is for:

  • Process engineers
  • Method/process authors
  • Anyone wishing to use Rational Method Composer to author methods and processes

Printed student manuals and workbooks

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