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DOORS Next: Local and Global Configuration ManagementUnderstand Configuration and Global Configuration Management concepts

This course focuses on the Configuration Management of Requirements though the concepts apply to other types of project data.  There are patterns of Configuration Management that support isolating changes for individuals, teams, projects, products, and portfolios.  There are additional patterns for reuse and subcontracting that apply as well.  The goals of this course are to discuss the common patterns,  their strengths and shortcomings, and apply ELM Global and Local Configuration mechanisms to meet the objectives of the project.

Course Details

Basic knowledge of DOORS Next and Configuration Management Concept

Onsite or Online

Teams using DOORS Next and considering using Global Configuration Management

Remembering the focus is Configuration Management of Requirements, the goals of the course are the following:

  • Be able to identify and use the Component Usage Patterns
  • Be able to apply the Configuration Management operations
  • Be able to apply the Global Configuration Management operations
  • Be able to establish Cross Component Links
  • Understand how to report on data in configurations
  • Understand how to put configuration data on Dashboards

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