Adopting SAFe

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321 Gang Approach to Helping Organizations Scale Agile


As organizations attempt to get the benefits of Agile, it is normal for everyone to have difficulty scaling the excellent team-focused agile processes to the value stream and portfolio levels of the organization. It is even more difficult for regulated industries to understand how to meet regulatory and audit requirements.

At 321 Gang we know that experience in delivering agile programs at scale in industries like automotive, medical devices, banking, government programs, etc., is essential in the quest to deliver high quality systems. We provide just-in-time training alongside our services while you launch and deliver your first Agile Release Train (ART).

321 Gang helps you:

  • Understand the issues causing you difficulty in your product development
  • Understand how agile, and the Scaled Agile Framework, can help
  • Train your key decision makers in SAFe in advance so they can make more informed decisions
  • Decide to adopt SAFe
  • Plan your SAFe adoption
  • Launch your first ART
    • Train your leadership
    • Train your teams
    • Prepare your ART
    • Plan your Program Increment (PI)
    • Execute your PI
    • Inspect and Adapt
  • Become self-sufficient over time