Mastering Project Administration in IBM Rational Team Concert

    This course teaches you how to configure Rational Team Concert project areas and processes so that the core IBM practices for agile development and change and release management can be effectively adopted by the project team. This course begins with a discussion of best practices for project planning. Through a balanced combination of presentation, class discussion, and hands-on exercises, you learn how to configure projects, teams, and iterations configure project and team dashboards; and create queries and reports in Rational Team Concert.

    IBM Engineering Workflow Management Administration and Project Management

    This course teaches participants how to deploy, configure, and track projects using EWM. It also shows participants how to administer and manage the EWM repository including users, licenses, and project areas.

    IBM Engineering Workflow Management for Developers

    This course shows developers how to collaborate using these software best practices with EWM. The class discusses task management, source control, build management, and dashboards. Participants learn how to collaborate on source changes, baseline software versions, build those changes, and view progress in dashboards. Participants also learn advanced EWM topics including multi-stream development, custom work types, and supporting reviews.

    Economics of Value Delivery

    We tout the business results of applying SAFe and learn the principles from great sources like Don Reinertsen’s book, The Principles of Product Development Flow. But how can we connect the dots from the economics to the practices we want to apply and the decisions we need to make? In this workshop we use scenarios, in story problem format, and apply real numbers to demonstrate the value of the principles in action.

    DOORS Next: Local and Global Configuration Management

    During this one-day workshop, you will be guided through planning, preparation, and execution of a three-part Inspect and Adapt event: PI System Demo, Quantitative Assessment, and Problem Solving Workshop.

    Patterns for Agile Hardware-Inclusive Systems

    While the roots of Agile Development and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) are in software development, the principles of Lean and Agile are generally applicable for Hardware/Product Development as well as Embedded Software. This ‘trifecta’ of software, embedded code and hardware constitutes the majority of today’s most complex systems… but hardware teams are often uncertain how to best apply their craft as part of an agile team.

    Systems Engineering, MBSE & SAFe Workshop

    This workshop teaches future workshop coaches and participants how to incrementally build system specifications that define system context, behavioral response to stimulus, structural design and interfaces. And it teaches the mechanics of running a workshop through a lengthy simulation and how to perform workshops as part of the regular agile development flow.

    IBM Rational Synergy Administration

    This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the operations required to administer Synergy. It presents information enabling a system administrator to configure the Synergy environment for optimal use of system resources.

    IBM Rational Synergy Build Manager

    In this course, you learn to use IBM Rational Synergy to meet their projects’ configuration management goals. You will learn the processes needed to define and manage projects, releases, baselines, and work areas.

    IBM Rational Synergy Developer Advanced

    This course covers concepts found in the solution environment like the Synergy Project, Work Area, Directory Members, Tasks, Versions, Purpose, Release, Baseline, Project Grouping and how to apply these features during day to day development or when using Synergy as a Team Leader.