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David McMunn
Director of COE, Fannie Mae

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) Deployment Package for Traditional (Waterfall) Process

This service primarily benefits organizations (or programs) using traditional or waterfall processes and who are new to ELM, or those who are looking to accelerate its successful deployment.

The ELM Deployment Package helps our customers using traditional or waterfall process accelerate their initial value from their investment in ELM. The goal of this package is to enable users to begin using a configured system meeting governance and compliance needs that contains their migrated data as quickly as possible. A 321 Gang Solutions Engineer will work to develop each of the following areas for each ELM component tool.

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Course Details

ELM Deployment – Traditional (Waterfall) Process

Typically 10 days to 2 months depending on the extent of configuration and data migration required.  Specific needs of the project may require a different timeline.

Remote or on-site delivery

  • Analysis and Planning
    • A 321 Gang Solutions Engineer will work with administrators and project leaders to understand the requirements of the deployment of the tools:
      • Server Configuration
      • Database selection
      • User access
  • Administration and Installation
    • Plan for the installation and document the system relative to the ELM tools and the related applications such as Reverse Proxy, LDAP and databases.
    • Install and document the installation of the Jazz Team Server, DOORS Next, Engineering Workflow Management(EWM), Engineering Test Management (ETM), and other ELM tools as desired.
    • Connect ELM to other tools used by the product development team.
  • Configuration and Usage Model
    • Work collaboratively with project leadership  to determine the initially needed configuration changes to support corporate governance including:
      • Custom DOORS Next Requirements Types
      • Custom EWM Workflows
      • Custom EWM Work Items
      • Global Configuration and Configuration Management, including EWM SCM strategies
      • EWM build automation strategies
      • Test management and ETM
      • Reporting and Dashboards
    • Implement the configuration changes
    • Build project and lifecycle templates of the custom configuration
    • Briefly document the usage model differences as compared to the standard templates
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Data Migration
    • Identify source data to be migrated into the ELM tools
    • Perform the migration
  • Continuously collaborate with the project users and administrators to make the 321 Gang Solutions Engineer unnecessary as soon as reasonably possible.

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