IBM Engineering | Connecting Jira to IBM DOORS Next & Test Management

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    Register today for this FREE expert-led hands-on virtual workshop, where you will:

    •Develop Rich Traceability from Jira to Requirements & Test Artifacts
    •Create and link Jira Artifacts from IBM ELM
    •Create and link IBM ELM Artifacts from Jira
    •Query for issues associated with Requirements and Test Artifacts
    •Use Drag-and-Drop to associate Jira Artifacts
    •Use rich-hovers and navigation to see the live artifact status
    •Report across IBM and Jira repositories for enterprise insights

    Coffee Chat | Jira Align Support for Lean-Agile Product & Solution Management

    Join 321 Gang’s “Coffee Chat” where we’ll do less talking… and more listening!  =)

    This month’s topic:
    “Jira Align Support for Lean-Agile Product & Solution Management”    

    We’ll start out with a few slides and a demo to provide a brief overview of the topic and then we’ll open the floor up to answering your questions as well as encourage dialog around all things Jira Align.