IBM Rational DOORS Check-Up

Why Should I Have a DOORS Check-Up?

If you’re comfortable with using IBM Rational DOORS in day-to-day operations, it may be time to verify that DOORS is supporting your requirements effectively and efficiently.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Could your users be more productive and effective at requirements management?
  • Are you easily able to gather reliable metrics about your requirements?
  • Are your requirements still consistent and able to address your governance and compliance needs, or has the architecture degraded over time?
  • Are you able to produce consistently reliable and comprehensive traceability matrices?

Who Should Have a Check-Up?

The IBM Rational DOORS Check-up is specifically designed for:

  • DOORS operations that have defined a DOORS architecture and want to validate that it is still being followed and not degraded
  • DOORS operations that are experiencing performance issues when opening Modules, etc.
  • DOORS operations that have never gone through a formal architecture definition and set-up process and have been using DOORS for six months or more
  • Anyone who wants to know the current state of health for a DOORS operation

What is the process?

The DOORS Check-Up is a two-day onsite service. Using tools developed by the Gang’s Professional Services experts, one of our consultants will examine your DOORS database. The consultant will analyze the information and create a Check-Up Report. This report includes a health assessment of your DOORS operation, a list of specific issues, and detailed recommendations to improve your DOORS operation.

What’s Covered in the Check-Up?

A DOORS Check-Up examines the following aspects of your DOORS implementation:

  • Current Link structure (including Link Modules and Linksets)
  • Use of ‘DOORS links’
  • Link enforcement
  • Access rights management
  • Attribute consistency
  • Use of sharable edit
  • Opening times of Modules
  • Use of baselines
  • Potential areas for clean-up

What are the Requirements for a Check-Up?

  • While onsite, the 321 Gang consultant will need full access to your DOORS implementation.
  • The 321 Gang consultant will need either the use of one of your computers (with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and a DOORS client installed) or the ability to connect his/her computer to your DOORS database

How Do I Order an IBM Rational DOORS Check-Up?
For more information, email us or call us at 877-820-0888.

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