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Reporting with IBM Cognos BI V8.4 and IBM Rational System Architect

Reporting with IBM Cognos BI V8.4 and IBM Rational System Architect is a 1-day course. Combining lecture and exercises, this course is your entry point to creating, customizing, and running Cognos Business Intelligence reports based on the Enterprise Architecture artifacts captured via Rational System Architect.

Course Details

Classroom (Hands-on labs)

You should have:

  • Fundamentals of IBM Rational System Architect
  • Getting Started with IBM Rational System Architect
  • State some benefits of business intelligence reporting
  • Create or customize simple reports in Cognos BI using Rational System Architect data
  • Run the Cognos reports from Cognos or from Rational System Architect
  • About this course
  • Integration overview
  • From ODS to package
  • Reporting with Cognos 8 Business Inteligence
  • Next steps

This intermediate course is for:

  • Rational System Architect Administrator/Advanced user
  • Cognos Author

Printed student manuals and workbooks

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