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IBM Rational Synergy Boot Camp

Part 1: This course provides an introduction to how you can use Rational Synergy as part of your development activities. The course offers you hands on practice with the Rational Synergy Graphical User Interface and shows how it can be used in the complete development cycle as you, and the other members of your team, complete the work that you have been assigned.

Part 2: In this course, you learn to use IBM Rational Synergy to meet your projects’ configuration management goals. You will learn the processes needed to define and manage projects, releases, baselines, and work areas. Course topics include how to set up new projects, share work between developers, manage conflicts between dependent source files, and support integration and system testing activities.

Part 3: The Rational Synergy Process Tailoring course will show you how Synergy can help you automate the process of your workflows among developers from testing to release. This training class will also show how you can effectively use different types of projects for different purposes.

For example, developers use projects for implementing and unit-testing their changes. Build managers use projects for gathering the newest completed changes and building a test area. The rules for how those projects behave when they are updated – that is, which baseline they start from and which tasks they use – is defined by the Synergy process.

Part 4: The Rational Synergy Administration course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the operations required to administer Synergy. This one-day course presents information enabling a system administrator to configure the Synergy environment for optimal use of system resources. Additionally, you will learn about Synergy processes, INFORMIX architecture, database structure, backup and recovery, utilities and actions for ensuring the integrity of your Synergy installation. This course has been designed to help those people who have a role in maintaining Rational Synergy within an enterprise. Those who undertake this administration may have very different roles and backgrounds within individual enterprises.

This boot camp is a combination of the following four courses:

  • IBM Rational Synergy Developer V7.1 (BCSI-QS171), 1 day
  • IBM Rational Synergy Build Manager V7.1 (BCSI-QS181), 2 days
  • IBM Rational Synergy Process Tailoring (BCSI-QS191), 1 day
  • IBM Rational Synergy Administration V7.1 (BCSI-QS186), 1 day

Course Details


Classroom (Hands-on labs)

You should have the following skills or experience:

  • Rational Synergy Developer
  • Rational Synergy Build Manager
  • Experience with team-based development and testing
  • Familiarity with standard system administration duties and command-line interface for either the
  • UNIX or Windows Operating System (OS) and file systems
  • An understanding of make or build processes for Java, C, C++ or other programming languages
  • A fundamental understanding of programming design and structures

Part 1:

  • Use the Rational Synergy Client Graphical User Interface
  • Manage different versions of their work
  • Use Rational Synergy tasks
  • Use the work completed by other developers

Part 2:

  • Explain essential Synergy terminology and concepts
  • Manage projects and project structures
  • Set up, manage, and finalize software releases
  • Create and manage baselines
  • Manage integration and system testing
  • Detect and manage project conflicts
  • Set up and manage parallel development

Part 3

  • Agile development and code sharing
  • Management of parallel development streams
  • Complex project hierarchy with multiple releases
  • Component-based development
  • Change request (CR)-based Change Management (CM)
  • Distributed development

Part 4:

  • Maintain and administer the IBM Rational Synergy tool on a day-to-day basis
  • Describe how Rational Synergy stores object versions and how the Telelogic Synergy database is constructed
  • Prepare for the maintenance and administration of the tool in case of “disaster recovery”
  • Install the IBM Rational Synergy tool

Related Courses

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  • Rational Synergy Developer
  • Rational Synergy Developer Advanced
  • Rational Synergy Build Manager
  • Rational Synergy Process Tailoring
  • Part 1:
    • Use the Rational Synergy Client Graphical User Interface
    • Manage different versions of work
    • Use Rational Synergy tasks
    • Use the work completed by other developers

    Part 2:

    • Synergy Terminology
    • Managing Synergy Project Contents
    • Configuration Management Using Synergy
    • Setting Up Software Releases
    • Integration and System Testing
    • Finalizing a Release
    • Managing Conflicts
    • Managing Baselines
    • Parallel Development
    • Structuring Projects

    Part 3:

    • Introduction to Process Tailoring
    • Purposes
    • Project Groupings and Tasks
    • Folders and Folder Templates
    • Patterns for Agile Development and Code Sharing
    • Patterns for Testing and Approval
    • Patterns for Parallel Development
    • Patterns for Component-based Development
    • Patterns for Driving Development with CRs
    • Pattern for Distributed Change Management (DCM)

    Part 4:

    • Rational Synergy modes of operation
    • User and license management
    • Rational Synergy management
    • Basic database management
    • Database backup strategies
    • Identifying and reporting issues with Telelogic Synergy
    • Patches and upgrades (including upgrade planning)
    • Rational Synergy installation

This advanced course is for:

  • Developers
  • Build Managers and Implementers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Configuration Managers
  • Release Managers
  • Change Manager
  • Release Manager
  • Lifecycle Designer

Printed student manuals and workbooks

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