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Essentials of IBM Rational ClearCase UCM for Windows

This course introduces the concepts of Rational ClearCase Unified Change Management (UCM), the software development best practice that integrates artifact and activity management. It teaches you to use Rational ClearCase UCM and Rational ClearQuest to perform common, day-to-day software development tasks such as joining a project, checking out files from source control and checking in files to source control, merging your work with the work of others, updating your workspace, and working offline.

Course Details

Classroom (Hands-on labs)

To benefit from this course, you should have the following skills or experience:

  • One year experience working with Microsoft Windows
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ClearCase and UCM concepts
  • Join a ClearCase UCM project and set up a developer workspace
  • Find, set, and work on development activities
  • Deliver and merger your work
  • Update your workspace
  • Work offline with ClearCase UCM
  • Module 0 About This Course
  • Module 1 UCM Concepts
  • Module 2 Getting Started
  • Module 3 Working with Activities
  • Module 4 Delivering Activities
  • Module 5 Rebasing
  • Module 6 Advanced Deliver Scenarios
  • Module 7 Working with Snapshot Views
  • Appendix A Managing Builds in ClearCase

This basic instructor-led, classroom course is intended for the following audience:

  • Software developers

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