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David McMunn
Director of COE, Fannie Mae

Defining and Managing Requirements with Use Cases

All development methodologies are based upon stakeholder, user, system, software and hardware requirements and align with the IIBA Business Analyst Body of Knowledge. This topic covers how to employ use cases effectively to define requirements and use them throughout the development cycle, including elicitation and testing. This course is the first in a series that presents industry best practices for requirements definition and management.

Course Details

Onsite or Online

  • Understand how use cases can be used during the requirements elicitation process.
  • Know how to write use cases in clear and concise language.
  • Understand how to relate use cases to technical requirements and user acceptance test
  • Introduction to requirements
  • Introduction to use cases
  • Use cases and requirements traceability
  • Use cases and Agile development
  • Planning for use case development
  • How to write an effective use case
  • Actors, objects and transfer of control
  • Use cases and activity diagrams during elicitation
  • Developing system use cases
  • The role of use cases during testing

Anyone involved in defining user requirements for complex, large or mission-critical projects, including but not limited to business analysts.

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