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SAFe provided the agility, visibility, and transparency needed to ensure we could integrate with numerous other efforts, get predictable in our delivery, and ensure timelines are met.

David McMunn
Director of COE, Fannie Mae

Agile Kanban Boot Camp & Simulation

The Agile Kanban Boot Camp & Simulation will teach participants key Agile principles and Kanban practices and how to implement them into an existing or future project. The training will cover common obstacles and how to avoid them; for example, recognizing problems with work in progress and flow. This course will also discuss ways to handle situations where teams revert back to traditional approaches.

Successfully running a product release through all stages of the process from planning to retrospective are covered. This will help the participants’ organizations create high performing delivery teams in a short amount of time.

Our course instructors are experienced Agile coaches, project managers, and software architects who have spent their time in the trenches. For this reason, the course is able to provide opportunities for a variety of participant questions answered directly from the instructor’s experience.  Examples include:

  • Interfacing project management and program management
  • Dispelling Agile myths and demonstrating how planning, metrics and testing are integral to a successful Agile implementation
  • Scaling Agile teams and facilitating ceremonies at the team and scaled levels.
  • Handling problems with co-location

The course delivery models an Agile project and includes activities that further reinforce Agile methodologies and practices.  Ceremonies, demonstrations, and retrospectives are integrated regularly in the course activities throughout the 2 days.

Course Details


  • Developers
  • Business analysts
  • Architects
  • Quality teams
  • Project managers
  • Data base administrators
  • IT Support
  • Finance
  • Business Controls & Compliance
  • Introduction
  • Agile Fundamentals
  • Agile Practice – the Mechanics
  • User Stories
  • Agile Estimation
  • Release Planning
  • Getting Started with Kanban
  • Kanban Execution
  • Making the Process Your Own

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