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As organizations move from project–based, time–centric planning to focusing on product–oriented planning, they look to lean and agile practices to ensure they have the right people focused on the most important work.

This shift from project to product delivery has a significant impact on resource and capacity planning. More importantly, it assures that the organization will be able to deliver high–quality products to market, as quickly as possible, and realize the maximum return on its investments.

In the 6 part webinar  “Lean portfolio management with Jira Align and Scaled Agile”, experts discuss the three most common challenges for portfolio leaders and how to address those which are:

  • Disconnected strategy across products and and how to align teams around a common goal
  • Project overload, a result of top-heavy annual planning, and how to plan work around demand
  • Low visibility into portfolio performance and how to increase transparency

Video 1 of the 6-part series “Lean Product Management with Jira Align and Scaled Agile” (4:34)

Video 2 in the 6-part series (9:21)

Video 3 of 6 in the Series “Lean Product Management with Jira Align and Scaled Agile” (6:40)

Video 4 of the Series (5:03)

Video 5 of 6 (5:21)

Video 6 of the Webinar “Lean Product Management with Jira Align and Scaled Agile” (8:52)

Dig in to learn how Jira Align unleashes the potential of lean portfolio management, which evolved from SAFe, to deliver high-value outcomes.

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