IBM DOORS Next Scales Requirements Management to Enterprise Level

IBM® DOORS® Next is a market leading, comprehensive requirements management solution to manage increasingly complex product development. As a stand-alone tool or as part of the holistic IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management portfolio, DOORS Next represents a critical component or foundation in the development process. DOORS Next aids your team in the capture, tracing, analyzing and managing of changes to requirements while helping maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards.

IBM has helped define what a modern requirements management product should be. The DOORS Next tool is the embodiment of that work.

Collaborative End-to-End Requirements Management

Facilitate involvement of all stakeholders in the development, analysis, tracking, and management of requirements, enterprise-wide and along the supply chain. Your projects benefit from end-to-end linking requirements with corresponding lifecycle artifacts. Efforts required to demonstrate full coverage of requirements and for preparation for compliance audits are drastically reduced.

Seamless Integration With Other Lifecycle Tools

IBM DOORS Next runs on the open Jazz platform and seamlessly integrates with other Jazz-based or OSLC-compatible lifecycle tools. Link requirements across tool boundaries, e.g. with UML models, test sequences, source code, etc. Click on a link to see the up-to-date original artifact to which the link refers, at any time, regardless of which tool it is stored in.

Manage Configurations Across Tool Boundaries

IBM DOORS Next leverages the configuration management capabilities built into the Jazz platform. The view on particular configurations includes corresponding assets in other lifecycle tools (“Global Configuration”). You are able to track and document the implementation of a specific configuration at any time throughout the entire development process.

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