Accelerate Engineering Lifecycle Management | Agile Teams

As engineering teams are asked to deliver more products faster to market, traditional engineering practices don’t have what it takes to adapt to changing conditions. Juggling requirements and evolving technology calls for agile development approaches that allow teams to develop in smaller batches and release faster.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution enables your team to optimize collaboration between stakeholders, improve productivity, decision-making, and overall product quality.

Achieve Visibility with Planning and Tracking


Agile software development continually evolves the product (or system) under development solution iteratively, with changing requirements, to meet growing and shifting business needs. The IBM ELM solution provides a centralized repository that acts as the critical link between required and delivered work. It enables engineering teams to manage work items (stories, tasks, defects) that are organized into plans and track overall program status. The IBM ELM solution provides the flexibility to adapt to different processes, so companies can adopt faster release cycles and manage dependencies across both small and complex development projects.

Ensure Quality With Integrated Test Management Capabilities

Engineering teams are tasked with ensuring that everything they design and develop meets quality objectives. Agile teams are always challenged to apply Built-In Quality practices as they make changes to the product under development in smaller batches and continuously test the product as it evolves. IBM ELM solution provides an integrated test management capability that supports the management of different test artifacts, including test plans, test cases, test scripts, and test execution results. Requirement coverage and impact analysis views are provided to ensure that requirements have adequate test coverage.

This enables agile teams to develop effectively and efficiently, while maintaining high standards of quality.

Provide Insights Into Engineering Data

The IBM ELM solution includes an Engineering Insights capability that helps teams visualize, analyze, and gain insights from lifecycle data. This contributes to good agile practices as it reduces the time spent finding and analyzing engineering data and its relationships. Engineering teams can improve their understanding of relationships between their engineering artifacts in order to make more effective and timely decisions.

The IBM ELM solution eliminates the need for engineering teams to build and maintain interfaces between different engineering management tools. By adopting the integrated IBM ELM solution, companies will not have to invest in the repetitive tasks of translating and migrating data from one tool to another tool. Teams can focus on developing products to help reach strategic business goals — and less on maintaining tools used to manage the engineering process.

Optimize Engineering and Development With 321 Gang and IBM

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