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Welcome to our March Newsletter!

321 Gang has been on the move, visiting clients and making waves. Recently, we proudly served as the premier sponsor of Keep Austin Agile’s 11th Annual Conference. Our speakers, Samit and Chad, delivered insightful presentations that were well-received by attendees.

Looking ahead, we’re gearing up to participate in several upcoming conferences. Stay tuned to find out where the Gang will be next!

Meanwhile, our technical team is firing on all cylinders, tackling our clients’ challenges head-on and devising innovative solutions to streamline goal achievement. They’re the backbone of the Gang, the ones who make it all possible. If you’re ever keen on chatting with any of our technical wizards, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re passionate about software development and thrive on tackling complex problems.

We have exciting news! The IBM Engineering User Conference and Automotive Day is coming up on Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 at M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, hosted by 321 Gang and SodiusWillert. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now accepting presentation proposals for this event, which is expected to draw 150 client attendees. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your expertise and insights with industry leaders and professionals! Register now HERE and submit your presentation proposal today. We can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us!

We are attending the Siemens Realize LIVE Americas Conference in Vegas May 13-15. Share this code with your customers to receive $200 off full conference registration price LINK CODE: CUSTOMERPartnerRL24AMS

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Partner News and Announcements


Explore the synergy between Atlassian Jira and IBM ELM Tools for streamlined development of complex systems. With Jira capturing epics, stories, and defects, and IBM Engineering Tools managing requirements, modules, tests, and configurations, integration is key.

Discover how OSLC Connect for Jira bridges the traceability gap between these tools, enabling comprehensive views and reports. Join our Webinar on March 26th / 11AM ET.


Introducing a new feature: Drag-n-Drop Support for Restrictions and Calculations. It’s available across three connectors: IBM DOORS Next, codebeamer and Siemens Polarion. 

pure::variants 6.0.4 release: Drag-n-Drop Support for Restrictions and Calculations


Here’s an overview of how Agile principles apply to project management, how those teams scale up into Agile program management, and finally, the benefits and features of using Agile software across an organization.



Learn how Sigma Defense built out a managed service software factory for the US Navy with GitLab as it’s DevSecOps platform.

Results included:

  • a reduction in software factory set up time from 6 months to 3 to 50 days 10X lower cost, decreasing from around $4 million to around $400,000
  • a more secure environment because there is inherent security with Authorization to Operate (ATO)
  • faster onboarding, decreasing from as long as 5 weeks to 1 day

Jira Align

Atlassian Jira Align News:

1. Q1 2024 Roadmap Presentation

2. Latest Release Notes:

Atlassian Team ’24 is about teamwork innovation—advancing the way people work together with deep human insight and breakthrough technology. Join us to learn real-world best practices powering up teams across the world. April 30 – May 2 in Las Vegas.


We are excited to announce the call for speakers for the upcoming IBM Engineering User Conference and Automotive Day, scheduled to take place on Tuesday June 11th, 2024 at the fantastic M1 Concourse in Pontiac, MI. This event is sponsored by IBM and hosted by 321 Gang and SodiusWillert. We are preparing to bring together industry leaders and professionals to discuss how they are leveraging IBM Engineering (formerly called Rational Software) solutions in their organization. We are keenly interested in having clients share how they use IBM Engineering solutions, and we invite you to bring your stories to the conference.

About the Conference: This one-day event is geared towards IBM Engineering clients and prospective clients and will discuss topics and trends in the IBM and systems engineering world.

Call for Speakers: HERE Registration: HERE


Modernize Portfolio Management for the Auto Industry – Are you looking to stay ahead of the game in this rapidly evolving market? New market opportunities in the automotive industry are driving the need for increased software and digitization, and this solution brief has everything you need to succeed. HERE

Discover how to incorporate new capabilities for business agility like Lean Portfolio Management, and receive expert guidance on optimizing alignment of work, resources, and budgets to the highest priority innovation programs across:

  • Connected Vehicles
  • Autonomous Driving Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles
  • New Purchasing & Service Models

Industry-Related News

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Thank you for reading our March Newsletter!

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