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Welcome to our February Newsletter!

This past month, 321 Gang has been actively engaged with customers and involved in travel commitments. We had the privilege of attending the IBM TechXchange: Orlando Engineering Symposium and Workshop, where our own Doug Stewart took on the role of a presenter. During the event, we gained valuable insights into the ELM Roadmap and heard from multiple experts in the field.

In a collaborative effort, we co-hosted a webinar titled ‘Embedded DevOps and CI/CD using GitLab’ alongside the Beningo Embedded Group. This signifies our commitment to sharing knowledge and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. If you’re interested in watching the webinar, please reach out to us at gitlab@321gang.com for more information.

Partner News and Announcements


Read Walter van der Heiden‘s article exploring the evolution of software in automobiles. Systems Engineering workflow for Automotive It highlights the transformation of vehicles into complex systems akin to fighter jets, balancing affordability and advanced functionalities. Initiatives such as AUTOSAR and ISO26262 streamline development, while System Engineering plays a vital role in shaping the conceptual framework. Tools like IBM Rhapsody and HarmonyMBE guide engineers through requirements gathering and model transformation, emphasizing the journey from conceptualization to tangible automotive innovations.

What’s new in OSLC Connect for Jira 3.4.0?


Find out how pure::variants can be used to manage module baselines in DNG. Baselining at the module level with DOORS Next Generation using pure::variants


Optimizing Engineered Systems with Lean and Agile Principles

As a valued Planview partner, 321 Gang has the experience, expertise, and resources to help you succeed. Check us out!


GitLab excels in embedded systems development due to its tailored features addressing specific challenges, including precise version control, collaboration in multidisciplinary environments, and seamless integration of software with hardware components. Read more here – Why and How: Implementing GitLab for Embedded Systems Development

Jira Align

What’s happening in Jira Align – Upcoming removals: Time/skills tab and skills functionality

New enhancements and features, plus defect fixes…
Release notes for 10.129.X

Atlassian Team ’24 is about teamwork innovation—advancing the way people work together with deep human insight and breakthrough technology. Join us to learn real-world best practices powering up teams across the world. April 30 – May 2 in Las Vegas.


Looking to migrate off IBM DOORS classic to DOORS Next but interested in continuing to create module-specific baselines in DOORS Next? Check out this blog post to see how pure::variants extends the capabilities of IBM DOORS Next.

HERE OSLC ensures integration success by creating secure and trusted links between Jira and IBM DOORS Next without copying contents. Ensure that your data remains secure, your access remains immediate, and allow your enterprise to scale with more data and tools. Live Webinar coming in March!


Are you looking to elevate your organizational agility and align closely with your business strategy? 321 Gang has the expertise to guide you through this transformation, especially within the systems engineering markets such as Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Medical Devices, Electronics and more.

Accelerate Your Enterprise Agility with IBM Apptio and 321 Gang!

Read More about Apptio Solutions

Are you attending Keep Austin Agile 2024? Look for our booth!

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