321 Gang – Newsletter – December – 2023

Welcome to our last Newsletter of 2023!

In 2023, the 321 Gang celebrated its 18th birthday, showcasing growth and innovation. New team members strengthened our commitment to excellence, and joining forces with SodiusWillert propelled our capabilities.

Our team’s global travels reflected dedication to meaningful connections and insights, expanding our footprint and understanding partner needs. These experiences shaped strategies, preparing us for more collaborative opportunities in 2024.

As the year closes, we express gratitude to our business partners and customers for their trust. Wishing everyone a joyful holiday season, we look forward to continued success together in the coming year.

Partner News and Announcements


The SodiusWillert OSLC adaptors, including the OSLC Connect for Jira, improve integration and functionality between various engineering tools. They enable convenient linking and previewing of assets between platforms like IBM ELM and Siemens Polarion ALM, without information duplication. These adaptors enhance tracking features, allow for previewing of requirements and test cases, and facilitate linking of defects to test results. They also enable tracking and accessing of IBM DOORS Next requirements in Jira, ensuring a more efficient workflow. HERE


Holistic Product Line Engineering (PLE) is a comprehensive approach to product development that aims to streamline and optimize processes within the automotive industry. This methodology recognizes the complexity of developing multiple products within a product line and emphasizes a unified strategy for managing variability, reusability, and collaboration across the entire development lifecycle. HERE


Automotive Companies: Get Moving With Planview!

The automotive industry is changing more than any other in today’s digitized world. Satisfying the market’s transportation needs is becoming more complex. From the choice of which products to build to meeting customer demands and aligning strategy to delivery, there is no room for error. HERE


GitLab, AWS help strengthen Lockheed Martin’s digital transformation HERE

Jira Align

You spoke, we listened: an update on Jira Align’s new navigation rollout! HERE

Release notes for 10.127.X HERE


Transforming the Aerospace and Defense Sector with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) HERE


In today’s complex automotive software development landscape, precision is crucial amid challenges like diverse providers, programming languages, and extended development times. Integrating software into traditional manufacturing adds another layer of complexity. Agile development plays a vital role in navigating this new software-defined era, minimizing risk, and supporting automotive manufacturers in achieving a sustainable and innovative future, as explored in this eBook.

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