Presented by: 

Daniel Moul

Offering Manager  | 

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

Solving the Really Hard Problems in Engineering and Development


Join us live on Thursday,
February 27th  @  1

A foundational enabler for an effective Engineering process is the ability to create a shared development context for your teams and evolve it in a controlled way: across multiple tools from multiple vendors, maintaining dependencies among the data in these tools, and with effective change management.

This webinar will briefly survey ways this is typically addressed today with the various compromises that are inherent in these approaches, then explain the concepts and promise of “global configurations” in your engineering tool chain as enabled by OASIS OSLC Configuration Management and implemented by the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solution.

Learn how to solve the really hard problems in Engineering & Development  in 60 Minutes

Thursday, Feb. 27th - 1 PM EST

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