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Systems Engineering, MBSE & SAFe workshop


This workshop explores a practice that has proven successful in real world applications. Using a hands-on simulation throughout the course, Systems Engineers and Architects incrementally construct a system specification using MBSE techniques that define system context, behavioral response to stimulus, structural design and interfaces.

This model, which will evolve on a synchronized (often 3-month) cadence, is used to:

Ensure architectural integrity and runway of the system
Identify and prepare for integrations to other systems
Elicit functionality to be decomposed and developed in an agile manner over the next increment
321 Gang incorporates the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as the Agile context.


IBM Engineering: Moving from Excel to a Requirements Management Tool


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Register today for this FREE expert-led hands-on virtual workshop, where you will:

- Import requirements from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
- Create a collection of requirements in DOORS Next
- Create a Test Plan
- Quickly link your Requirements to the Test plan
- Automatically Generate Test Cases
- Quickly create tasks for your Requirements
- Easily identify potential impacts from changes

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