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IBM Rational Team Concert Check-Up

Why do an RTC Check-Up? 

If you’re comfortable with using IBM Rational Team Concert in day-to-day operations, it may be time to verify that RTC is supporting your projects effectively and efficiently.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your team hindered by permission problems when trying to perform day-to-day tasks in RTC?
  • Would you like to upgrade to a newer version of RTC but aren’t sure how?
  • Are you happy with the workflow implemented in your RTC deployment?
  • Would you like to expand the scope of your RTC use to include planning, workflow, build and/or configuration management?
  • Do you need information added to or removed from your work items?
  • Are you able to produce the reports you need and easily gather reliable metrics about your projects?
  • Are you confident your repository back-ups are being captured correctly?

Who should have a Check-Up?

RTC Check-up is specifically designed for:

  • RTC operations that have an RTC deployment and want to ensure it is being used effectively
  • RTC operations that are experiencing performance issues
  • RTC operations that have never gone through a formal workflow analysis and set-up process and have been using RTC for six months or more
  • Anyone who wants to know the current state of health of an RTC operation

What is the process?

The RTC Check-Up is a two-day onsite service. One of our consultants will examine your Rational Team Concert installation and configuration. The consultant will analyze the information and create a Check-Up Report. This report includes a health assessment of your RTC operation, a list of specific issues, and detailed recommendations to improve your RTC operation.

What’s covered in the Check-Up? 

An RTC Check-Up examines the following aspects of your implementation:

  • Current workflow
  • User roles and permissions
  • Process management
  • Use of streams, flow targets, and baselines
  • Back-up procedure
  • Potential areas for clean-up

What are the requirements for a Check-Up?

  • While onsite, the 321 Gang consultant will need to be provided with full Administrator role access to your RTC and Jazz installations.
  • The 321 Gang consultant will need either the use of one of your computers (with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and a Team Concert Eclipse client installed) or the ability to connect his/her computer to your RTC/Jazz repositories.
  • While onsite, the consultant will conduct a workshop with your staff in key roles to understand how your team(s) work together. They will be asked to explain their goals and metrics, how the team(s) currently collaborate their work and planning, continuous integration, builds, visibility, and challenges.

How do I order an IBM Rational Team Concert Check-Up?
For more information, email us or call us at 877-820-0888.

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