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Integrating DOORS with OSLC applications using DOORS Web Access

The importance of having clear Requirements has never been more appreciated than in today’s Systems Engineering and Software Development environments.  Systems and Software are more and more complex, with code being embedded in everything and often tied to the Internet and interdependent with many other external systems.

Everything we interact with has some kind of code driven controller – from your stove and refrigerator, to your car, to the smart phone you use daily, and to every other thing we take for granted – from games to Aerospace and Defense.

Managing the work involved in implementing and testing those requirements is a vast effort that is far beyond the simple document solutions of Word or Excel that were once sufficient to track. 

There are many Workflow processing and management solutions available now that do a great job, with varying levels of scalability and core capabilities.

IBM DOORS has long been the de facto standard for large organizations’ Requirements Management needs.  Its not uncommon for there to be tens or hundreds of thousands of requirements to exist in modules spread over many projects.  While a single vendor suite of integrated tools is a great way to ensure smooth integration between the dev-ops towers, the reality is that organizations often have multiple vendor solutions in house based on considerations of cost, user familiarity and other factors.

Regardless of the tools requiring integration, DOORS can be accessed through a standard OSLC connection using its legacy web client – DOORS Web Access, or DWA.

DWA is an Apache based Web application server that leverages a modified DOORS client to provide access to the DOORS core database. Implementing an integration between DOORS and any other Web Based Application requires the use of the DOORS Web Access client. Enabling DWA involves installing the DWA Server components, enabling the DOORS database to use the DWA client, and connecting the DWA client to the DOORS server. Each user accessing DOORS via the DWA client consumes the same license as a standard desktop client consumes. Security is based on DOORS security in place. All integrations with DOORS are configured through Friend relationships within the DWA settings and the remote tool settings.

Most DWA implementations take between 4 and 8 hours.

321 Gang can assist your team with installing and/or configuring DWA in your environment. If you’ve been struggling with getting your DOORS requirements integrated with your work flow or testing tool contact us

Written by:
Wade Towles – Sr. Solutions Consultant, 321 Gang

Wade TowlesWade has supported IT and Software Tools environments for over 30 years, at several large enterprise organizations including the Federal Reserve Bank, IBM and Capital One. Wade began his career in IT as a server administrator as a Certified Novell Administrator, and is also a Microsoft Certified Professional.  With a background as an IT Administrator, Wade moved on to support the Software Development LifeCycle tools and is certified on several of the IBM Rational Tools. Wade was recently engaged in a large tools optimization project, where he identified and facilitated over $600,000.00 in annual cost savings.

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